Ag Engineering Contracting Llc

AG Engineering is a company specialized in building technology and infrastructure projects. AG Engineering employees have completed important and emblematic projects throughout the Middle East. Africa and India, which gives us a unique advantage as well as a solid foundation of impeccable track record in the industry over the past four decades. Legacy of Engineering & Construction in Middle East AG Engineering & Contracting LLC did not specify its decision-making process. Send reviews with Levelset AG Engineering & Contracting LLC specializes in many flooring services. We diagnose problematic situations and offer a fast service. We are particularly proud of our know-how; a fact that you will immediately notice in the attitude and integrity that we bring to your project. AG Engineering & Contracting LLC is usually a general contractor who has worked on 30 workstations in the last 12 months according to the information available on the project. Learn more about AG Engineering & Contracting LLC`s recent projects, reviews from other contractors, and the payment terms and conditions below. AG Engineering & Contracting has over 30 years of experience and an extensive network of resources in our industry. We specialize in the restoration, repair, coating and decorative aesthetics of concrete for industrial, commercial and versatile applications. We are the authority in the renewal of concrete based on resin and cement and offer our customers turnkey services from a technical systems approach.

AG Engineering & Contracting LLC has worked on 30 workstations in the last 12 months. Subcontractors and suppliers indicated that they were paid on time for 100% of the projects. This contractor receives a C against payment. We work with plant engineers, designers, planners, general contractors, plant owners and managers to identify and analyze all aspects of your flooring needs. AG offers a personalized service and a free evaluation of the location of your project. We track every order from start to finish and ensure that your company`s environment, employees, buildings and products are preserved. We specialize in developing the right system for you with the least possible disruption to your business and stay engaged until your project is successfully completed on time and on budget. Corporate member of middle east facilities management We strive to offer quality by using state-of-the-art technologies and exceeding the expectations of our customers. The timely completion of all project plans is a benchmark that AG Engineering has set for itself and experienced from the beginning. Our experienced full-time teams have the different skills required to meet the requirements of all working conditions.

This allows AG Engineering & Contracting to provide a fast turnaround time within tight deadlines to work with your schedule. AG Engineering & Contracting LLC is a leading supplier of concrete flooring. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have been providing honest and reliable flooring for all three states and surrounding areas for over 14 years! With previous experience in concrete repair, polymer coatings and coatings for more than 30 years!. . . .